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what is love ?
Do u know what the meaning of love ?
no body know what the meaning and what is love ?
Love is great thing, an interesting movement in our life with one girl and boy....
It can give a different movements in our life 
But the bad thing about love is love the girl or boy by telling each other I Love U , U  Love Me , its named checting...
The stason of boys cheat girls r gone , now the girls take a place to do that things...
They spoil loves name ! they r useless ! they stupid ! they don't have heart ! they doesn't have feelings of love ? they not know the meaning of love ! useless people ... 
Now we talk about how the love come into each other ? 
Love come from the first meeting or first looking of him or her in a romantic , smooth , cooling , and  happy day to us .. went we look at him or her ,they also look at u ,then she or he look again ,again them , if the boy will go infront of the girl ask the phone number or facebook name , or twitter name , if the girl just wait until the boy come and ask  her anything ! 
Here we start the love first they tell u look so beautiful , then ask can i friend with u ? after that can we have a meeting in this week ? then,be a friend ? Lastly , they we art both of them tell into Love .. how sweet the love come into each other .. 
Can u guess who love you ? 
can guess who do you love ?
if u ask me i will openly , he is secret then , my mum and daddy , sister , brother , friend and god 
But first i will love my god , my mum and daddy , secret love then only my family .
Love make life beautiful , also make life hateful , 
But u must choose ur correct guy in ur life until he can wait for you in ur life , 
I don't have the guy  , how about u ?
Go and find faster ur life will be great and happy 
by : my friend LOGA 


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